Brain Annex : Full-Stack Data/Knowledge Management with Neo4j
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Lots of details: best watched full-screen, at high resolution!

BUILT-IN USE CASE : Knowledge and Media/Datasets Management made easy, powerful and convenient

When the storage of knowledge/data is combined with a network of "relationships" among the data entities, and a UI layer with easy viewing/browsing/updating/searching – that's when it can feel like a handy "annex" of your brain!

How to use it?   On the cloud, or directly installed on your local machine. Instructions

(The project doesn't provide hosted solutions; but did you know that the Oracle Cloud offers a free virtual machine for personal use?)

The software, as of June 2024, have been in active use for over 8 years, by a growing number of users.
Brain Annex is available as open-source software (Repository)


Neo4j web app - BrainAnnex Status Report (22-min video with an Oct. 2023 update : focus is on the web app, and its underlying Schema)

Neo4j & BrainAnnex's Overhauled v. 5 (14-min video : focus is on the technology stack, and background on Graph Databases)

A growing series of articles about Neo4j, the Brain Annex technology stack, and use cases (it starts with a gentle introduction about what Graph Databases are really about)


Change Log (2015 - 2024)

Programmer's Guide

Download / Install

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