Brain Annex : Full-Stack Knowledge Management with Neo4j
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Open-source web-based tool (can also run locally, or be integrated into existing sites.)

Meant for anyone who has DATA RECORDS, NOTES or MEDIA...

at your fingertips – effortlessly organized, searchable and updatable – from any location!

A whole technology stack built on top of the Neo4j graph database

When the storage of knowledge/data is combined with a network of "relationships" among the data entities, and a UI layer with easy viewing/browsing/updating/searching – that's when it can feel like a handy "annex" of your brain!

Lots of details: best watched full-screen, at high resolution!

Knowledge and Media/Datasets Management made easy, powerful and convenient

for scientists, professionals, students, companies, non-profits, engineers...

Need something simple? If you can post status updates on social media, you can use Brain Annex in its basic web-app functionality!
You are a Power User? Brain Annex was created by people like you who desperately needed a very powerful tool!
Business User? Brain Annex is a full-stack modular platform that allows you to easily create plugins and integration for your specific neeeds. Its modular libraries may also be used individually for other purposes.
Data Engineer / Data Scientist? You can think of Brain Annex as a schema and UI on top of Neo4j, with Python and JavaScript/Vue visualization/editing software attached to schema classes, and Flask/Vue for the UI. JupyterLab notebook access also supported

IMPORTANT NOTE: the new version 5.0 of Brain Annex is a complete, major overhaul of its entire technology stack.

Version 5, started in 2020, and with parts currently in late Beta, is based on Neo4j, Python, Flask, Vue.js. It provides support for arbitrary complex datasets, and advanced querying capabilities.

Unlike the earlier versions, this new Brain Annex is aimed at organizations or technically-minded individuals, rather than to a more general public.

No hosted solutions are available at present; you will need to host it on your own server, or run it on your desktop.

Possible usage:

How to use it?   On the cloud, or directly installed on your local machine. Instructions

The software, as of September 2023, have been in active use for over 6 years, by a growing number of users.
Brain Annex is available as open-source software (Repository).

Use-case example: Knowledge & Media Management, made easy & powerful

(Note: this is what the early versions of Brain Annex were all about; now, it's just a use case of something much more general)

Freely mix up formatted text notes, documents, images, graphics, data tables, spreadsheets, video, audio – synergistically used together with the power of Semantic Technology.   For example, to manage:


Quick Overview of the "Classic" version (3-min video of the EARLIER version, which emphasizes a limited use case. The new version, currenly in Late Beta, is much more general.)

Basic Usage of the "Classic" version (brief video of the EARLIER version; parts are no longer applicable, and new features not shown)

Knowledge Representation: Multimedia Content Management Systems (an explanation of what the "Classic" version used to be about; now, it's just a use case of something more general)

What are Graph Databases really about? (a gentle introduction)


Info on Earlier versions

Change Log (2015 - 2023)

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