Brain Annex : Full-Stack Data/Knowledge Management with Neo4j
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OPEN-SOURCE full-stack technology built on top of the Neo4j graph database (an AWS Neptune version is in progress.)

Backend (python) and Frontend (JavaScript, Vue.js)

Parts are modular and may be used largely independently:
  1. Modular core libraries (in particular, to manage connecting to Neo4j with python, and to optionally manage a schema for the graph database)

  2. Specialized libraries (for example, to manage full-text indexing)

  3. A web API (Flask) to provide endpoints for many common operations, and for the UI

  4. Control panel: a web app to manage various aspects of the graph database, including schema and imports/exports

  5. A built-in use case: a web app that provides a Multimedia Knowledge Management System, with plugin architecture for content types

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